MagicJack for BUSINESS

Professional phone features
– for less.

magicJack for BUSINESS™ Home & Office Phone Plan

Your small business is growing. It’s time to stop taking work calls on your personal cell phone. Project a professional appearance to customers with music on hold, extension dialing, conference calling and more – all included for a flat $14.99/month per line. You can’t beat 99.99% uptime or this price.

Port your business phone number or we’ll give you a new one: display your company caller ID instead of your personal information. Keep business voicemail separate (and save time with free voicemail to email transcription).

Introducing magicJack for BUSINESS Home & Office

Setup is fast​ & ​easy​ and the voice quality is crystal clear.

  • Flat Monthly Pricing

  • Live 24/7 Customer Support

  • Simple Setup

  • No Billing Surprises

  • Reliable 99.99% Uptime

  • ...from the VoIP Pioneer

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Our top rated IP desk phones are perfect for your home office, store, or coworking space. Forward calls to your mobile device (or any number) with enhanced call forwarding.

We’ll grow with you: it’s easy to add or remove phone lines as your small business expands or employees come and go.