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Strongbox West Improves Time Spent Managing Calls by 35% with magicJack for BUSINESS

About Strongbox West

Founded in 2009, Strongbox West is Atlanta’s longest running and largest coworking space. Supporting startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, Strongbox West is home to 85 companies, including Scoutmob, Lyft, Tech Talent South, and in the past, Uber, HUX and Postmates. Co-founders Amy Hoover and Rick Myers are committed to providing the most affordable shared working space for the company’s diverse clientele, which ranges from tech startups and coding schools to fashion incubators, coffee roasters, soap makers and more.

“Our ability to offer affordable, flexible office space is critical for our customers,” said Amy. “We’re a startup too, so we understand the importance of keeping operating costs low, no matter what kind of company or industry.”

Keeping Up with Demand

In response to an increased demand for more space, Strongbox West expanded in early 2015 from its original 6,800-square-foot facility to its current 48,000-square-foot space. As a result, Amy, who wears many hats in the company, was tied up managing the initial build-out and ongoing upgrades to the new facility, while at the same time venturing to prospect meetings to fill a space 7x larger than the original. She tried to fit in office tours where she could, but Amy also serves as president of Talent Zoo, the No. 1 career and industry resource for marketing and advertising professionals, so her schedule was packed full and her time was limited.

Amy soon fell behind on critical office tasks, such as faxing documents and keeping up with call records of new customer leads. Amy was frequently away from her phone, so she would spend hours sorting through missed calls and voicemails to determine which were potential customers and needed a call back.

“A lot of important questions about membership packages, availability and how the space works come in via phone,” said Amy. “Being away from my phone so much, I would either miss the call or not listen to the voicemail until later in the day. If I didn’t have an email record of a lead, it would oftentimes fall off my radar.”

Amy looked into purchasing a basic LAN (local-area network) or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone line, but she could not find an affordable solution that had an automated feature to direct callers to the appropriate extension and answer common inquiries. Amy and her staff needed a phone system that was advanced enough to digitally assist callers with basic questions and keep a record of calls online, yet was flexible and affordable enough to support her on-the-go schedule and the company’s lean business operations.

A Phone System for the Digital World

By leveraging magicJack for BUSINESS, the most affordable and reliable internet phone service from the pioneer of VoIP technology, Amy can answer important calls from anywhere with her cell phone or cordless office phone. She can also program an auto attendant to answer common questions with a custom greeting, allowing callers to dial by name or extension and leave a message. Specifically, magicJack for BUSINESS allowed Amy to:

  • Place crystal clear, reliable calls through high-speed internet fiber connection
  • Program an auto attendant to sort basic inquiries from true business leads and time-sensitive calls
  • Program an auto attendant to answer common questions and route callers to the right extension
  • Send/receive faxes via email and check voicemail from anywhere
  • Maintain email records of key voicemails, faxed documents and call logs via an online portal
  • Use two lines with the same number for the front desk and her office phone with the Shared Lines feature

Streamlined Business Operations

With magicJack for BUSINESS, Amy has streamlined her entire business workflow, enabling her to spend more time with current and prospective members. Other benefits include: * Savings of 70% per month * Eliminated missed or buried calls from potential leads * Reduced time spent answering and managing phone inquiries by 35% * Quicker, more efficient process following up with new business and sending/receiving faxes * Peace of mind that business leads and faxed documents are properly handled * Stronger competitive edge with clearer, more professional phone line (including: auto attendant, extension dialing, music on hold and a free conference bridge)

“magicJack for BUSINESS completely changed the way we communicate at Strongbox West,” said Amy. “They speak our language – lean, efficient and affordable. We trust them so much that we’ll soon be offering magicJack for BUSINESS to our members at SBW.”

Find out how magicJack for BUSINESS can save you time and money. Visit and follow @magicJackBiz.

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