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About magicJack for BUSINESS

We understand what it means to be a startup. Small and medium businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. And your phone is the lifeblood of your business. Businesses need reliable, quality phone service at a reasonable cost. We saw a marketplace riddled with confusing pricing, fine print, surprise bills, forced contracts and add-ons, and poor customer service. We’re here to offer you something better, for less.

Our parent company, magicJack Vocaltec, pioneered Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), having sold over 10 million magicJacks since product launch. magicJack owns one of the largest US wireline-based telecom companies. We also own our own softphone, softswitch, session border controller (SBC), app server, and chip companies. Our patents include the most important intellectual property assets in the VoIP and Telecom industries, and we continue to innovate to bring you the most reliable connection and clearest sound quality, now for your business. Over a quarter million businesses already rely on magicJack.

This unique combination of proprietary assets allows us to offer low prices and high quality, eliminating any dependence on third-party products and service licensing.

The reliability of our network, the clarity of our calls, and the quality of our service set us apart. We’re committed to helping you grow your business. We’re not just your VoIP provider, we’re your partner in success.

magicJack for BUSINESS™ offers everything you need in a business phone system at a fraction of the cost of standard providers without sacrificing quality or reliability, and maintains a 99.99% network uptime. You get one low, flat rate per line. No nickel and diming you with extra fees or fluctuating bills.

Reliable phone service. Incredible price.