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Virtual Fax

Our Virtual Fax service provides you with the ability to send and receive faxes through email, without the costs of buying and maintaining a physical fax machine.

Setting up virtual fax is easy.

To receive a fax, you will need to provide your virtual fax number to the fax sender. When they fax your number, you will receive an email with the fax attached as a PDF file.

Sending faxes is as simple as sending an email. Simply follow the instructions below and start faxing!

  1. Create a new email using your preferred client.
  2. In the email header, enter as the recipient.
  3. In the subject line, enter the fax number you are trying to send to.
  4. To create a cover sheet, use the email formatting standards seen below.
  5. Attach a PDF to the email (only one per fax).
  6. Press SEND. Either a delivery confirmation or error email will be sent to you in return.

To create your cover sheet, use the following format in the body section of your email:

To: Recipient Name Company: Recipient Company Re: Fax Title Message: Fax Message/Notes // 2 slashes to end message

A few quick notes:

  1. Ensure that you use colons ( : ) after each cover page section.
  2. Only use one space after each colon.
  3. No sections are required but unused sections will appear blank on the cover sheet.
  4. A blank cover sheet will be sent if the email is not formatted.

Available for only $5 per month