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Products and Features

Product Features

3-Way Calling allows you to talk with two people at the same time. You can easily add a third person to your phone conversation by dialing them in while you’re on an existing call. You’ll have an opportunity to speak with the third caller privately before joining all parties together. This is useful to give a brief ... read more
What is Auto-Attendant / IVR? Auto attendant is a cost-effective voice menu system that provides callers with a variety of options to reach different departments or employees of your company. It works as a virtual receptionist and can serve as the main phone line to your business. With auto attendant, not only can ... read more
Put an end to unwanted phone calls! Call Blocking allows you to take back control of your phone service. You can utilize Call Blocking to prevent specific phone numbers, domestic or international, or even an entire area code or country code from ringing your devices. You can add phone numbers to block for each line ... read more
A Call Queue group is a group of users which receive queue calls to be answered by the next available member of the group. This is useful when you are expecting several calls to be coming to a direct number. Call Queues are important for businesses with a large inbound call volume. VoIP makes it possible to manage t... read more
There are 3 ways to transfer a call: blind transfer, semi-attended transfer, and attended transfer.   Blind Transfers Direct transfer to another extension without initiating a call to the end destination. Semi-Attended Transfers Transfer the call when the target phone is still ringing. Attended Transfers Transfer... read more
If you enable call waiting, your phone can quietly beep in the background to notify you about an additional incoming call. Then you can decide whether you want to have someone else take the call, place the caller on hold, or to send the incoming call to your voicemail. To set up call waiting on a Yealink T21P, foll... read more
Caller ID shows the name and number of incoming calls. As for the calls you place, your identity is important to your business and Caller ID is one of the first things that people see when you call them. When you sign up, we set up your Caller ID exactly as you prefer it so that it is available for lookup to the pro... read more
You can block your outbound Caller ID so that the people you call don’t see your business name or number. You can block your Caller ID by dialing *67 followed by the 10-digit phone number you are calling. read more
Our customers have access to a free conference bridge. This is a great solution for times when you need a meeting with more than a couple of participants in which a call or 3-Way Calling would do. You can quickly create your conference bridge and provide the details to your meeting participants. To set up a confere... read more
Ever need some time when your phone isn’t ringing off the hook? You can set your phone to reject all calls with the Do Not Disturb function. Press the DND soft key on a Yealink T21P phone while the phone is idle to turn the Do Not Disturb function on. You can turn it off again by pressing DND one more time. Calls ... read more
We provide Enhanced 911 (E911) Service to our customers. E911 is a feature of the 911 emergency-calling system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party’s phone number. Your E911 location is the address associated with the phone on your account. Having a valid E911 location is important... read more
Enhanced call forwarding is a way for you to manage how inbound calls to one of your phone numbers are routed. This is a powerful feature and one that allows you to never miss a call from a customer. There are 4 different enhanced call forwarding options: always forward a call, forward a call if not answered, and s... read more
Extension dialing is another great feature to help project a professional image for your company. It also makes it easy for people to dial by an easy-to-remember extension number (ex. extension 123) instead of having to dial or transfer to a 10-digit telephone number. You can find the extension for your Yealink T21... read more
Free yourself from your desk. Be seamless. Send and receive calls anywhere, anytime with the new magicJack for BUSINESS mobile app. Your business phone number will be your caller ID so you can keep business and personal separate. Simply download from the App Store or Play Store, login with your mJB credentials, and ... read more
Music on Hold plays music when you place the person you were talking to on hold. This is a useful feature, as you don’t want your customers sitting in silence not knowing if you are still there. No setup is involved. Simply press the Hold soft key on a Yealink T21P phone during a call, and your Music on Hold will p... read more
We provide call logs in our portal, so that you can have a detailed record of all incoming and outgoing business calls for a particular extension. You can view information about all incoming and outgoing calls, including the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the ... read more
magicJack offers toll free numbers, so customers can easily contact you. A toll free number also adds credibility to your business, giving your customers more ease of mind when contacting you. Additional details about our Toll Free Charges: The following setup charges apply to each individual Toll Free Number tha... read more
Unlimited calls are within the US, except for Alaska. Unlimited calls to some parts of Canada except for the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada or calls to non-8YY calling card, platform, conference or chat lines for which additional fees will apply. magicJack for BUSINESS does not provide service to Canadian... read more
What is Virtual Fax? Virtual Fax allows you to send and receive signed documents or contracts through your email, without the costs of buying and maintaining a physical fax machine. With Virtual Fax, you no longer have to wait until you're back at the office to send and receive faxes. Setting up Virtual Fax ... read more
Voicemail records a caller’s audio message when you can’t answer the phone. It is provided for each of your extensions. Your phone’s message indicator will blink when you have unheard voicemails. You’ll also receive email notifications of each voicemail. A separate voicemail box is included for each extension. You c... read more