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Conference Bridge

Our customers have access to a free conference bridge. This is a great solution for times when you need a meeting with more than a couple of participants in which a call or 3-Way Calling would do. You can quickly create your conference bridge and provide the details to your meeting participants.

To set up a conference call:
  1. Dial 305-848-8888
  2. Select “Set up a Conference Call” and follow the prompts

You will create a password and will be given a 10-digit code.

Distribute the code, time of call, and dial in number (305-848-8888) to all conference call attendees. You may use the access code for any future conference calls as well.

To join a conference call:
  1. Dial 305-848-8888
  2. Select “Join a Conference Call”
  3. Enter the 10-digit code