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Yealink T21P-E2

Yealink T21P Phone Support

For only $3/month, you get unlimited support with your T21P phone, including online resources, documentation and how-to videos.

Busy Lamp Field

Learn more about the busy lamp indicator and how to interact with it.

Call History

Find how to access call history.

Call Transfer

Learn how to transfer calls to and from each phone.

Conference Calling

Learn how to begin and configure conference calling.


Learn how to access and interact with in-phone directories.

Do Not Disturb

Learn how to enable and operate the DND features.

Hold and Mute

Learn how to hold phone calls and put an active call on mute.

Multiple Calls

Learn more about how to handle multiple calls.

Placing and Answering Calls

Placing and answering phone calls using the T21 E2.


Learn how to redial and other various operations.


Learn how to access and interact with voicemails.

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