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Call Queue

A Call Queue group is a group of users which receive queue calls to be answered by the next available member of the group. This is useful when you are expecting several calls to be coming to a direct number. Call Queues are important for businesses with a large inbound call volume. VoIP makes it possible to manage these calls in an efficient and organized way, without the high cost of a third party system.

Call queues help to reduce the number of missed calls, reduce the negative effect of the busy signal on the customer experience, provide different service levels for different customer groups and, as the result, to improve customer service.

Cloud virtual phone system can divide the incoming call flow into groups on the basis of several parameters: the business number the caller dialed (useful if you have several numbers in your phone system and the call option they selected through the Auto-Attendant)

Queues consist of:
  • Incoming calls being placed in the queue
  • Members that answer the queue (extensions or users that log in as agents)
  • A strategy for how to handle the queue, such as dividing the calls between members
  • On-Hold Music played while callers wait
  • Announcements for members/callers