Call queues are a great way for businesses to improve their customer experience. With call queues, you won’t have to worry about customers getting a busy signal. Businesses with especially high call volume will benefit greatly from having a call queue feature. But you don’t have to be a big corporation; even traditionally smaller businesses can find value in this useful feature. Here, we explain what it is a Call Queue, how it works and if it’s right for you.

What is a Call Queue? A call queue is a feature available on business phone systems that places incoming calls on-hold when all extensions are busy with other calls. Different call queue options can allow you to provide on-hold music, play a personalized greeting or offer different messages that the caller can listen to while they wait for their turn.

How does a Call Queue work? A call queue acts like a virtual waiting line for inbound callers when they call a business, but an agent isn’t immediately available to answer their call. The phone system continually checks for an available line. Once an agent becomes available, the person in the call queue will get automatically routed to that available agent.

Do I need a Call Queue? Having a call queue allows your business to handle a lot of incoming calls and route them to different agents automatically. This prevents any callers from getting a busy signal or being sent directly to voicemail. It’s a great way to route callers to the correct extension the first time around. It can also prevent agents from missing important calls. There are various call queue strategy techniques businesses can implement to increase efficiencies in their business operations.

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