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Specialty Products Startup Makes the Right Call with magicJack for BUSINESS


One entrepreneur. Too many phone calls. No easy way to sort them quickly or prioritize, especially on the road.


magicJack for BUSINESS VoIP phone services featuring auto attendant and virtual fax.


bcd.jpgPhone response now near real-time. Customer satisfaction is through the roof.

Sam A. Meyers is happy to be an entrepreneur. After years spent managing others as an IT program manager, he felt burned out and decided to strike out on his own.

“I really enjoy having the control of working for myself,” says the New York native, now owner of Bold Creative Design, based in Suwanee, Georgia. “Setting my own course is very important to me. When I close a deal, the feeling is huge.”

Always on-call, always responsive

Establishing his own distributorship for branded promotional marketing items requires Meyers to think fast, act fast and be available to clients, vendors and manufacturers at a moment’s notice.

Meyers says the challenge is “being everywhere at all times,” and still supplying responsive service to his vendors and clients. Right now, his company consists of just him and one other individual.

“Before I could work eight hours, go home, and relax. Now I’m on call all the time.”

Sam A Meyers - Bold Creative Design - magicJack for BUSINESS.jpg

When researching business office phones, Meyers was first attracted to VoIP phone services from magicJack for BUSINESS because of its price point, an enticing feature for a small startup on a tight budget.

Essential business features included

Yet, for Meyers, price was not the only deciding factor. Previously relying solely on his mobile phone for his business, Meyers says the auto attendant and virtual fax were important features he was looking for, and they have allowed him to perform his job at a higher level.

Sam A Meyers - Bold Creative Design - mobile phone car.jpg

For example, auto attendant has empowered him to be exceptionally responsive. “I interact a lot with my suppliers while I am traveling,” he says. “In this new millennium of immediate contact, it’s important to answer calls in real time rather than waiting to pick up all my voicemails later. Especially if it is a first touch with a client, and I’m trying to build a relationship.”

From a branding standpoint, auto attendant gives Meyers’s small business a big business image and a more professional phone presence while eliminating the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist to answer the phone.

“magicJack for BUSINESS makes our business three people instead of two. It’s the best value in business phone service with all the professional features we need at an unbeatable price,” says Meyers.

Virtual fax recently allowed him to close a deal on the road. “I needed some documents from my home office desktop right away to close a deal. With magicJack for BUSINESS, my partner was able to virtual fax them to my laptop and I was off and running.”

Does magicJack for BUSINESS fit into his plans for growing his business? “Absolutely,” Meyers notes. “My vision is to add more employees and add more lines for them. I can still do business development while they support customers. If they need me, they would be able to contact me

About magicJack for BUSINESS

magicJack for BUSINESS is the smart choice for savvy business owners that want an easy-to-use internet phone system tailored to meet the unique needs of SMBs. With an ultra-low cost network infrastructure and proprietary telecom software, magicJack for BUSINESS provides a feature-rich, reliable, and affordable offering to entrepreneurs and small businesses who strive for phone service that will keep them professionally connected to customers while keeping expenses low.

For more information, please visit or call 888-652-4976.

Find out how magicJack for BUSINESS can save you time and money. Visit and follow @magicJackBiz.

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