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Graphic Design Firm Saves Time & Money with Business VoIP Features


Vizionz Unlimited delivers an array of services such as graphic design and studio recording with a goal of providing clients with results that are personalized to their specific need. High quality and professional output is critical.


Finding an affordable phone system for an on-the-move entrepreneur


magicJack for BUSINESS keeps costs down while giving Vizionz Unlimited a “big company” appearance


Crystal-clear sound and outstanding customer service

magicJack for BUSINESS Helps Multitasking Owner Stay Connected

Tala-White-headshot-360.jpg Tala White owns Vizionz Unlimited, a small faith-based firm that provides graphic design and studio recording services as well as non-profit ministries to the Jackson, Mississippi community. Her main client base is small businesses, which she can certainly relate to in running her own business. That’s why the service aspect of her B2B work is so important.

We understand the issues that small businesses face. One thing we can do to help our clients compete is to make sure their advertising and marketing is on point,” White said. “Our motto for graphic design is ‘It’s not just a layout, it’s your voice in your absence.’

Multitasking is a way of life

Because she is involved in several different businesses and nonprofits, White is adept at multitasking and is often on the move about town. Never being out of touch with her client base and others who may rely on her was critical to getting things done, and she needed a phone system that would help her stay connected.

White was looking for inexpensive business phone lines. “I have worked in both small and large offices before with all kinds of phone systems - T1s, landlines with extensions - but I found VoIP to be perfectly capable of meeting my needs.”

She conducted a price comparison between several vendors, including Vonage, and found magicJack for BUSINESS to be the most affordable by far. With magicJack for BUSINESS, businesses can pay up to 60% less than with other VoIP providers and enjoy an annual savings of nearly $1,000 on the Home & Office Plan compared to the average phone/cable landline.

White did have one reservation about choosing magicJack for BUSINESS – she had never heard of the company before and didn’t want to go with an unknown entity. A quick, and very cordial phone call with magicJack for BUSINESS changed her mind, though. Her Atlanta-based service rep answered all her questions and demonstrated that she would be well covered with 24/7 dedicated phone support. “I am in the customer service business myself, so I appreciate people who take the time to treat others with respect and professionalism,” she said.

Vizionz-Unlimited-desk-magicjack-business-phone.jpgNow that she has the phone system up and running, one of the benefits she appreciates most is the flexibility that it provides. “If I am going to be out of town for a week working, I like to take the phone with me. I just plug it in at the hotel,” White said.

If she isn’t in the office, her magicJack for BUSINESS phone simply forwards calls to her mobile phone so she doesn’t miss important calls, and she can transfer or forward calls to her two employees. White has also found the sound quality to be “crystal clear” and without problems with dropped calls, jittering, or call degradation.

As White grows her business, she can foresee adding the auto attendant feature to enhance the level of professionalism to her first contact process. The auto attendant provides a variety of options to reach different departments, dial by name, leave a message, dial by extension, and more.

White’s magicJack for BUSINESS phone has provided her with one unexpected benefit. Being in the music business herself, she really appreciates the music on hold feature. “It makes it seem like we are a large corporation,” she said.

Now that’s music to the ears of any small business owner.

About magicJack for BUSINESS

magicJack for BUSINESS is the smart choice for savvy business owners that want an easy-to-use internet phone system tailored to meet the unique needs of SMBs. With an ultra-low cost network infrastructure and proprietary telecom software, magicJack for BUSINESS provides a feature-rich, reliable, and affordable offering to entrepreneurs and small businesses who strive for phone service that will keep them professionally connected to customers while keeping expenses low.

For more information, please visit or call 888-652-4976.

magicJack for BUSINESS makes phone and virtual fax affordable for my business. I was worried the sound quality wasn’t going to be good, but it’s GREAT! magicJack for BUSINESS makes running my business easy.

Find out how magicJack for BUSINESS can save you time and money. Visit and follow @magicJackBiz.

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