Ah, Spring…the season for new beginnings. Snow is starting to melt, the sun is shining and flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s the perfect moment for a refresh and a great season for action.

Now it’s time to revamp, clear the dust, and reorganize. When you think of spring cleaning you may immediately think of your home, but have you thought about spring cleaning your business? Here are a few tips to make spring cleaning your business a breeze.

Awaken Books

Properly managing the company finances is the fuel of business today. It’s undoubtedly one of the most important aspects for a business. Take time this Spring to wake up your books. Organize your files, review accounts, go through receipts, and digitize as much as possible.

If you’re not already, consider using an accounting software. It will alleviate a lot of the manual work and help you stay organized throughout the year. It can also help you steer clear of any accounting nightmares. This is also a good time to make sense of your numbers. Turn them into data you can use to make decisions.

Organize Space

We all know the saying “Clean space, clear mind”. Clutter can start to affect the ability to do your best work. Not to mention this study found executives waste six weeks searching for lost information and items! A good cleaning can make all the difference.

Make time today to declutter your immediate space, go through your piles of paperwork, and clear out your inbox. You might even consider giving your office a deep clean: sanitize your desk (especially important during these times), wipe down computer and phone, dust and vacuum. You’ll feel organized and more productive in no time.

Refresh Business Goals

When was the last time you took a look at your business goals? Many business owners will write their goals and then set them off to the side to collect dust. Now is a great time to reassess and make any necessary adjustments to bring new energy to them.

A few questions you can ask yourself: How are you pacing towards your existing goals? Are your current goals specific enough? What are you trying to achieve? Detailing your goals can help outline the path for success and help you stay on course.

Clean Website

With all of the benefits of having a website, it’d seem natural that they would be maintained and kept up to date. But the reality is, many businesses build their website and forget it. Your website is a way for you to reach your audience, build credibility and create opportunities for your business to grow.

Take a look at your content. Chances are your business has changed in the past year. Outdated content can hurt your credibility and push you further down in search engine rankings. Rewrite any content that needs to be spruced up to align with your business today. If you switched colors or logos, comb through your website to look for anything that doesn’t line up with your current brand. Consider making time to update and maintain your website throughout the year.

Reevaluate Expenses

Take this opportunity to reevaluate your expenses. Look around for vendor options and renegotiate payment terms with loan lenders and insurance providers.

Along with awakening your books, check that your pricing is still turning a profit. Find your profit margin and conduct a market analysis to help determine your prices.

Now is a good time to look through your credit card statements to eliminate any recurring charges you no longer need.

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