Customers are growing tired of businesses that don’t care about them. Running a business from the heart in now a necessity in today’s environment.

Find the heart in your business and place it at the center of everything you do. If you are intentional with your efforts, you can create a heart that encapsulates your organization’s core ideals. Here are 4 tips to bring more heart into your business.

Get Clear

It’s time to get clear about your mission, vision and purpose. Without this clarity your staff, vendors and customers will be lost. A good place to start is by writing a vision statement. This is not to be confused with a mission statement (which is also important). A vision statement is meant to inspire and is actionable. It serves as the guiding light for your company. While mission statements focus on the purpose of your brand and are created to convey why your business exists in the first place.

Your Story

Stories give people a way to connect and they make life a little more interesting. Your company story builds connection and trust with both existing customers and prospects. It’s not just a tagline, logo or colors. It’s the complete picture of what you are and what makes you unique. Ask yourself, ‘what is our story?’ ‘What problem do we help solve?’ ‘Is it meaningful and why should anyone care?’ A good story is then shared and re-told by others.

Build Community

Community building can be a cornerstone of your growth strategy. It’s a way to build your market without spending a fortune on advertising and marketing. After defining your mission, vision and purpose, find the right way to connect with your community and make it valuable. For example, choose the right platform for your audience (i.e. social media groups, website forums, etc).

Customer Relationships

Start having meaningful conversations and interactions with your customers. A few ways to do this include personalize each interaction, understand customer issues, find out which support channels your customers prefer to use and encourage feedback. Go above and beyond the products/services you offer. People are much more likely to buy from companies who have provided real value to them.

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