A phone call can sometimes be the first touch point with your business. It’s important for any business to answer calls quickly to eliminate any potential for frustration. With high call volumes, it’s easy for a business to get overloaded with incoming calls. It can get to be a bit much for one person to manage not to mention all of the transferring happening between different employees/departments. Businesses can take advantage of a robust and affordable phone management system by using auto attendant!

Auto attendant helps make a great first impression and saves you and your customer time. Get a professional look and the efficiency of a better calling experience without the high price of a receptionist.

What is auto attendant?

Auto attendant is a feature on phone systems that automatically routes your customer so they can reach different departments or employees at your company. It basically works like a virtual receptionist (without the high cost!).

Auto attendant has features that guide callers so they can flow through faster and more efficient. It also provides a consistent experience for customers especially if the same person isn’t available to answer every call.

What can you do with auto attendant?

With auto attendant, you can:

  • record a message to greet your callers

  • give them the option to leave a message

  • have them dial a specific extension

  • route them to a specific employee/department (for example “for billing press 3”)

  • provide them with a dial-by-name directory

With various options available, callers won’t need to wait for you. By having auto attendant promptly answer and route customers, you’ll provide a better overall experience.

How can auto attendant help me?

Having auto attendant saves you time and money! Not to mention you’ll create the appearance of a large company with multiple departments even if you’re a small business.

It alleviates any potential frustration from customers who are trying to get a hold of you or your employees. You’ll be able to professionally greet customers, route them to the right person and eliminate the cost of a full-time receptionist.

And there’s no cold, robot-sounding machine here. You’ll have the ability to create your own custom greeting to ensure your company brand remains intact. Auto attendant will then handle all of the call management and routing.

Having auto attendant today is a necessity for any business, especially for those who don’t have a live receptionist. It’s the most efficient way to have inbound callers routed to the information they need without your business skipping a beat.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the phone calls to your business, magicJack for BUSINESS offers auto attendant as an option. Learn more here!