You can now protect your business against robocalls and spam calls! It’s a delicate balance for businesses to try to filter calls and decipher which ones are legit and which are spam. On one hand, your business needs to be publicly available. But on the other, you want the ability to block unwanted phone calls.

New Call Blocking Feature

magicJack for BUSINESS now has Call Blocking as a new feature! It allows you to create a list of phone numbers you want to block from making calls to one or more of your lines. This is a useful feature to help protect your business and your employees. As a magicJack for BUSINESS customer Call Blocking is available for free through the self-care portal. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

How Call Blocking Works

When someone calls your business, our system will check it against your blocked list. If the number is on your blocked list, the call will not ring on any device associated with the extension. The call will be rejected, and the caller won’t be able to leave a voicemail message. When a call has been blocked, a call-log entry is created and all calls that were blocked will show the call DIRECTION as “Blocked”.

You’ll be able to block various numbers including a USA number, a whole USA area code, and even international numbers. You can block a specific single number, or a range of numbers based on the pattern you provide. Our system looks for a full or a partial match from left to right. When you add a number to your blocked list, it will take effect immediately.

Stop Unwanted Calls

Stop wasting your and your employees time filtering through unwanted calls. Check out magicJack for BUSINESS. Call Blocking is a great tool to help you fight back against robocalls, scammers and unwanted calls and is included for all magicJack for BUSINESS accounts.