6 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Small Business

fall-in-love-fingers.jpg As you know, a new relationship between two people usually has that special “honeymoon phase” where everything is wonderful, exciting and new. But over time, that fire begins to flicker. The newness of it wears off. It becomes normal and routine. And even a little mundane at times, if we’re being honest. The same phenomenon happens to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Do you remember the joy, fulfillment and thrill you got from following your passion? How awesome it felt to have autonomy, and the drive to make your business an epic success? It’s all so exciting and new in the beginning. But then, after the exhilaration of starting a new business begins to wears off, it can be challenging to rekindle that same spark. Challenging, yes. Impossible, no. To re-ignite that passion for your small business, start by making a few small changes in the way you think – and work.

1. Get out of the rut

If you feel like routine business tasks have got you in a rut, it’s time to change things up. Ditch the same-ole-same-ole routine and handle your tasks in a different order, or in a more creative way. Utilize new tools that can enhance your business, like a new project management tool or even a new business phone. These small enhancements can have a significant, positive impact on both you and your business. The bonus? You may find better workflows in the process.

2. Concentrate on the positives


Remind yourself of all the great things that motivated you to start your business. Think about the goals you’ve achieved and the awesome experiences you’ve had along the way. Think about how you felt when you landed your first client, the glory of your autonomy, and all the good people you work with. When you remind yourself of the positivity of your small business, it puts you in a better frame of mind to work each day. It also helps you better cope with challenges as they present themselves along the way.

3. Practice gratitude

practice-gratitude-love-tree.jpg Keep a simple notebook on your nightstand. Before you go to sleep, write down two things that you are grateful for, one that centers around your personal life and the other your business life. When you take a few minutes to be focus on the things you’re grateful for, you’ll go to sleep feeling satisfied and wake up with a better attitude about conquering work.

4. Delegate tasks

Do you find yourself on auto-pilot when working on certain daily tasks? Don’t get mired down in the mundane! Get back to doing the work that energizes your spirit, gets you stoked and fired up. Make a list of your tedious tasks and then hand them off by delegating to others on your team. That way you can focus on the work that truly inspires and excites you.

5. Boost your network

Attend an industry-related event, like a trade show or conference. Or join an interesting networking group that has knowledgeable, enthusiastic members. The energy at these gatherings can be contagious, helping you to reignite the passion for your small business. These events can also spark interesting new ideas, partnerships, and goals to strive for, all of which can make your work exciting again.

6. Keep the lines of communication open

Your business is an entity, and as odd as it sounds, it requires that you communicate with it. Just as in a personal relationship, communication is a major factor in making it work. Communicating with your business means talking to customers, partners, and your team to ensure that all is well. It means reviewing bank statements, bills, and your budget. It’s a way of taking a pulse on the health of the business. It shows that you care and invested in the relationship. When you stay on top of these things, it makes you feel good about your business as a whole.

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